The end of the 2018 season will see 4 players finish their time as youth cricketers. Anton Smail, Robert Sporke, Tom Dunlop and Zac Medland.


Anton joined the club in January 2018 looking to gain experience in playing at Championship level youth cricket coming from St Thomas’ in the 2 tier of the bowl.

It was a hard start for Anton with not a lot of runs scored but he has shown his true grit this season and we now start to see his true potential as an opening batsman and a part time bowler taking his first and only 1st XI wicket versus STAC 1st XI. Ross still doesn’t know why Bob bowled him.

Antons reputation is as the bat guy, we all have one, but Anton takes great pride in his gear and is always happy to repair a bat, add tape or simply make comment about a bat in poor condition or a bat mis-treated by players.


Joined the club in 2017 as an allrounder. He has batted throughout the order and had some success scoring 270 runs, and taking 25 wickets to date.

His best figures were 6/28 in an epic win versus Ashburton 1st XI in 2017. A game I will long remember as umpire I got to see all 6 wickets up close with some fine bowling.

A bit of a gym junkie Robert has always been an even tempered player, that was until he trapped Lou Chapman lbw in the later part of the 2017 season. I am sure the smile stayed on his face well into the next week.

The remaining 2 players have both played for Northwest since they joined as Year 9s in January 2014 and are deserving of special recognition. Both have been key players in all of the teams they have played in over the 5 years (Year 9A, Colts, 2nd XI and 1st XI).

It is important to recognise the service Zac and Tom have brought to the club. Not only as cricketers but as senior players, and cheerleaders from the sideline.

They have been an unlikely duo, the tall skinny guy and the short guy. I think Zac realised it was going to be hard work on day 1 when they posted a 159 run partnership versus Southwest batting at 3 and 4 scoring only 7 4s in the partnership and running the rest. Not an easy task when the other guy has long legs.

Both of these young men have represented the club in various representative squads which again shows their commitment to the game and the club.

Zac Medland (Zakkie)

Zac made his debut in the 1st XI in February 2016 and secured a full time position in the squad in October 2016 earning his baggie at the NWYC Willows fixture in 2016.

He has always been a key player in the squad and while he took some time to get into the 1st XI rhythm (a week) he is the 5th highest run scorer in CricHQ with 525 runs.

When you add in the first 2 years Zac has scored over 1000 runs, taken over 50 wickets and over 40 fielding catches.

He might have been the short guy but he has always been the ‘demon’ in the field and I can assure you little guys can jump at midwicket; clearly his favourite fielding position when he’s not in the slips (ex-keeper).

His highest score was 99 versus CBHS Headmasters XI in an epic game. His best bowling figures 5/40. His economy with the ball is 3.29.

It has been a pleasure Zac.

Tom Dunlop (Dunners)

Tom made his debut in the 1st XI in November 2015 and secured a full time position in January 2016 earning his baggie in March 2016 versus Shirley Boys High School.

He skippered the side in the 2017 season and the start of the 2018 season, handing over the role to Ryan in October 2018.

Tom has played a key role in the sides he has been in. As the keeper and batsman he is the current highest run scorer for the Club in CricHQ with 834 runs.

When we add in the first 2 years he has scored over 1,300 runs for the club, taken over 60 fielding catches (mostly as the keeper) and over 20 stumping. And believe it or not he has taken 4 wickets (Year 9 T20 after an outright while Zac kept).

We wish all 4 of our Year 13’s all the best for their future and look forward to seeing them playing Senior Cricket. It has been a pleasure to have you at Northwest Youth Cricket and you will certainly be missed.