2021 Year 9 Teams

Following the 2 days of Year 9 Camp and with the knowledge that we have had a very short introduction to the playing group we are aware that there are likely to be some changes to be made in the teams.

We have selected a 14 players in the Year 9a training squad, there were a few more players who were very close to making this and I am sure they will perform well in Year 9b. Those players from 9a who are not selected for the playing XI will be expected to play in one of the 9B sides. The two 9b sides are likely to have some player movement between them.

We currently have 31 registered Year 9 players and we will be expecting a few more registrations to come in.

Please contact Shane Young on 021 771 392 if you have any questions.

Year 9a Knights

  • Alfie Bell
  • Austin Earl
  • Bosilu Chenith
  • Carter Wilson
  • Cooper Oakley
  • Felix Nielson
  • Flynn Holdem
  • Jordan Sim
  • Lucas Roan
  • Oliver Beardsley
  • Samuel Carrell
  • Theo Nicol
  • Thisum Lawrance
  • William Brown

Year 9b Raiders

  • Alex Guillemot
  • Archie Grant
  • George Grayling
  • James Mulholland
  • Johnny Kearney
  • Luke Hearne
  • Tate Southgate
  • TBC

Year 9b Warriors

  • Alex Maule
  • Ben Hentschel
  • Blake Thomas
  • Ethan Findlay
  • Finley Tressler
  • Maika Inns
  • Preston Williams
  • Wylie Armstrong