These changes to the Laws of Cricket will apply in ALL grades under the CMCA jurisdiction:

  1. Batsman may be stumped or caught off the helmet worn by a fielder
  2. Batsman may not take guard in the protected area (5 feet/1.52m from the popping crease)
  3. Substitutes may wicket-keep
  4. In two-day matches, players who leave the field on Day 1 for a time to the end of play must sit-out that time on Day 2
  5. Lunch and Tea may be delayed if the batting team is 9 wickets down
  6. A wicket taken within 3 minutes of an interval will result in leaving the field
  7. It is a no-ball if, in the act of bowling, the ball bounces twice before the popping crease
  8. Byes and leg byes accrued off a no-ball will now be scored as byes/leg byes and not as additional no balls

The following changes to the Laws of Cricket will only apply in matches that have officially-appointed umpires:

  1. Deliberate short runs will have immediate penalties without warning
  2. Sharp practice in the field by faking to stop the ball in order to mislead the batsman will result in penalty runs
  3. A bowler may be suspended for intentionally bowling a no ball
  4. Teams may not practice (bowling) on the block without the umpire’s permission

The following change to the Laws of Cricket will not apply in ANY matches under the CMCA jurisdiction:

  1. Player behaviour – a player may be sent off or receive penalty awards as per the new Law.


This will be dealt with through the current CMCA Code of Conduct process.