Downloading and Joining – Stack Team APP

The club is going to use an app called “Stack Team App” formally known as “Team App”, this is going to be making communication much easier for the club admins, coaches and managers and also players and parents.

The best way to implement this is that all the players download and install this application as well as parents. The “players” will be allocated to the respective teams. The parents can also join by will be in the General Members group.

As soon as we link a Parent to a Player then the parent will ALSO be able to see the messages and schedules and respond to availability. This also has the ability to take attendance which is a feature that we wish to turn on.

  1. Download “Stack Team App”
  2. Create an Account
  3. Search for “NWYC” or North West  Youth Cricket
  4. Join the club and request your team as a player

Apple App store:

Google Play:

If son does not have a capable device – can you please email us and we can manually add your son and if you join you will get the alerts.