North West Youth Cricket – Year 9 and 10 Teams

Thanks everyone for your patience while we have been doing our best to arrange our Year 9s into sides if you would like to discuss any of the selections please contact Jono or Shane.

This is only the start of Youth Cricket and there is very likely be some player movement – there will be other players to be invited to Year 9a Knights or 10 Colts trainings.

We would like to hear from any parents who can assist this season with Year 9s as managers and coaching the sides on Saturdays – we will have a mid-week coach training but they are not available midweek.

Any players who wish to swap between the 9 Raiders and 9 Warriors (based on schools and clubs last year) and the 10 Titans and 10 Sharks please get in contact with the club.

Playing shirts will be available next week with hats and training shirts will be available for purchase

Training times are here Training Times Term 1 2022  (note the Wednesday training at Papanui HS are still TBC)

Year 9a Knights – Kelvin Upjohn has offered to help with the side

  • Aroon Deb
  • Gus Davies – (to rego on crichq)
  • Jackson Grant
  • Jasper Welford
  • Kaden Fraser
  • Michael Sim
  • Ollie Fifield
  • Olly Upjohn
  • Owen Coster
  • Samuel Waddell
  • Zaak Zaman Hassanussaman

11 named players, additional players to be invited to 9a training

Year 9 Raiders

  • Alec Campbell
  • Callum Escott
  • Cameron Brander
  • Corban Blackwell
  • Dilshan Soysa
  • Johnny Creighton
  • Oliver Grace
  • Will McDonald
  • William Rump
  • Xavier Te Tai
  • Zunair Ali

Year 9 Warriors

  • Banuja Liyanage
  • Caleb Crocker
  • Caleb Wilcock -Terangi
  • Cam McGraw-Alcock
  • Darcy James
  • Eli Stoddart (to rego on CricHQ)
  • Gryffyn Miles
  • Joshua England
  • Riley Adams
  • Rory Collins
  • Theo Agnew-Walshe

It is likely that additional players may register as school starts up to add to these teams.

Year 10 Sharks

  • Alan Hill
  • Alex Guillemot
  • Archie Grant
  • Cooper Oakley
  • James Mulholland
  • Johnny Kearney
  • Josh Lamont
  • Oliver Beardley
  • Tate Southgate
  • TBC
  • TBC

Year 10 Titans

  • Alex Maule
  • Ben Hentshel
  • Blake Thomas
  • Drew Walker
  • Ethan Findlay
  • Ethan Pursey
  • Finley Tressler
  • Maika Inns
  • Oliver Henwood
  • Preston Williams
  • William Brown