Term 1, 2022 Training Times

Training Times

The following training times are effective from Monday 24th of January 2022, the Wednesday Papanui High School trainings are still to be confirmed.

Please check schedules can cancellations on Team APP

Training Times Term 1 2022


5pm – 6pm                NWYC 4th XI             Harsh Visavadiya     Edgar MacIntosh

6pm – 7pm                NWYC 3rd XI             Harsh Visavadiya     Edgar MacIntosh


4.30pm- 6pm             NWYC 1st XI              Llorne Howell           Burnside Park

5pm – 6pm                NWYC 10 Sharks     Zac Tait                      Burnside Park

6pm – 7.30pm           NWYC 9a Knights   Zac Tait                      Burnside Park


6pm – 7.30pm           NWYC 1st XI             Llorne Howell           Burnside Park

5pm – 6pm                NWYC 9b Warriors  Zac Tait                      Edgar MacIntosh

6pm – 7pm                NWYC 10 Titans      Zac Tait                       Edgar MacIntosh

5pm- 6.00pm             NWYC 9b Raiders   TBC                            Papanui High School

6pm – 7.30pm           NWYC Open Net      TBC                            Papanui High School



4pm – 5.45pm           NWYC Colts XI         Simon Earl                Burnside Park

6pm – 7.30pm           NWYC 2nd XI             Zac Tait                      Burnside Park



  • If you are a Year 9b or Year 10 player you can attend either the Edgar Mac or Burnside Park Trainings depending on your other commitments.