Term 1, 2024 Training Schedule

Below is the schedule for Term 1 training for 2024, your team coach or manager will advise of any changes:

  • If you are not able to attend trainings regularly please speak to your coach / manager as we might be able to get you to train with another team on another day.
  • The Colts XI trainings on Wednesday are not confirmed yet – Rene will confirm this in due course – there is timing / venue conflict at the moment.
  • Monday NWYC Year 10 Sharks will have a coach from Coaching solutions and any Year 11 who will be playing with this side are welcome to attend this training.
  • Any question please get in touch.

North West Youth Cricket Training Term 1, 2024

Effective 1/02/2024


4pm – 5.30pm  NWYC Year 10 Sharks      TBC Coaching                    Edgar MacIntosh (A)

Year 11s who are playing for 10 Sharks can also attend this training and Colts Black

5pm – 6.30m     NWYC Colts XI                    Renee Chalmers                Edgar MacIntosh (A)

5pm – 6.00pm  NWYC Year 9b                    Nick Gibb                             Burnside Park (A)


4pm – 5.30pm  NWYC 1st XI                         Ethan Booth                       Burnside Park (G)

5.30pm – 7pm   NWYC 3rd XI Black             Kelvin Upjohn                    Burnside Park (A)


4.30pm – 6pm   NWYC Colts XI                    Renee Chalmers                Edgar MacIntosh (G)

The Colts practise is not confirmed for venue and time – Rene will keep you updated.

5.30pm – 7.30pm NWYC 2nd XI                   Zac Tait                    Edgar MacIntosh (G)


4pm – 5.30pm  NWYC 1st XI                          Ethan Booth                       Burnside Park  (G)

4pm – 5.30pm NWYC 9a                               Simon Earl                           Burnside Park (A)

5.30pm – 7pm NWYC 3rd XI                          Steve Williams                   Burnside Park (A)