2024 Year 9 Camp and Year 9a Squad Announcement

The club would like thank all the players, and their parents for getting them to Burnside Park, for attending the Year 9 camp on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was an excellent turnout and spirits where high even though it was a damp first day and a surprise PT session on day 2.

Zach Tait who was the lead for the both days was assisted with Kelvin Upjohn and Nick Gibb and this year we had the assistance of the the following senior players who volunteered their time over one or two days. They were Jordan Sim, Jessie Milne, Austin Earl, Olly Upjohn, Bosilu Liyana Waduge, George Grayling and Dilan Wijetunga.

We want to re-iterate that following points for Year 9 Cricket:

  • That you are beginning your youth journey and there are 5 years ahead of growth and development. boys develop at different rates
  • That if your school has a cricket program then you should play for your school – you should have an overall better experience with school honours and other fixtures.
  • If you are don’t wish to play for your school, let’s talk and we would prefer to have you at North West Youth Cricket than not playing cricket
  • We acknowledge there are other sports and cricket may not be your number one sport.
  • Last season we have players from 17 schools represented. Let’s turn our weaknesses into our strengths.

The numbers – as of 25th Jan 2024 we have 28 players indicating that they are going to play at NWYC Year 9, and 26 are currently registered – there is a lot of time left for players to move or changer their minds. There are also some players who have not thought about cricket an might come late.

We have selected 12 players in the Year 9a squad based on the limited information we have. There were several players who very close to selection in 9a so there can be player movements an injuries. If you want to discuss selection for Year 9 please contact Simon Earl 027 664 6507 or Shane Young 021 771 392.

Players who are not selected for Year 9a will be playing in Year 9 grade and we are just waiting to finalise player numbers. Details on trainings and coaching will be released shortly for both sides

If you have not already done so please register on PlayHQ here: https://nwyc.co.nz/registration/

Please download and install Stack Team App and register – here is how to do this: https://nwyc.co.nz/downloading-and-joining-stack-team-app/

Please order a playing shirt and contact the coach / manager for loan shirt, caps are provided: https://www.cricketexpress.co.nz/cricket-community/canterbury-clubs/north-west-youth-cc/g634.aspx

Congratulations to the following players: